Aesthetic treatments after weight loss with Exilis in Cleveland

Many patients come to our office after significant weight loss. While they have been successful in adapting a healthier lifestyle and shedding the pounds, they can be left with sagging skin its place. Despite eating right and exercising, troublesome deposits of fat and loose skin can still cause image problems. Re-contouring difficult areas of the body after weight loss can seem like a solution that only surgery can fix. Exilis treatments from the Seriously Skin team near Cleveland can help.

Exilis is a versatile aesthetic treatment that can help tighten skin, reduce fat, and contour the body. In just a few short weeks, patients can see dramatic improvements in the shape of problem areas. Exilis is powered by monopolar radio frequency. An applicator is used to deliver heat to the deep layers of fatty tissue beneath the skin while simultaneously cooling the skin for maximum patient comfort.

During each treatment session, the temperature can be controlled to ensure precise results. The thermal energy targets the network of collagen fibers that help keep our skin tight, hydrated, and youthful feeling. At the same time, Exilis can destroy the fat cells, helping to reshape and contour troublesome areas that won’t seem to go away.

There is no downtime after Exilis treatments. Some patients may notice redness or inflammation in the treatment area, but this is temporary and will disappear shortly after treatment. To maximize results, patients are given instructions to increase water intake and exercise lightly the day after treatment.

The Exilis system requires four to six sessions, depending on the area being treated. During the initial consultation, you will be advised on a treatment plan to deliver the best results.

Losing weight is a huge accomplishment and at Seriously Skin, we understand how hard you worked to get there. You don’t have to let some loose skin or small bulge in your abdomen keep you from feeling good about yourself. Find out how Exilis aesthetic treatments are helping patients all over the Cleveland area reach their final goal. Call Seriously Skin to set up an appointment and find out if you are a candidate for Exilis treatments.

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