Rock that body with Exilis contouring in Chagrin Falls

Maybe your job or lifestyle doesn't require a rock hard body, but you'd probably like the smooth, toned contours that rock a new swimsuit. Guys, would you be thrilled if you could button your suit jacket easily? Ladies, would you like to wear a knit top without bra bulge? The Seriously Skin aesthetic team brings you a safe, effective non-surgical solution - Exilis.

For generations, cultures all over the world have sought body-contouring remedies, and the men and women of Chagrin Falls are no different. Here's the skinny on how Exilis is different from invasive surgery, crash diets, extreme workouts, weight loss pills, or questionable topical preparations.

Safe - The patented Exilis device is cleared by the FDA. The base unit and hand piece include easy-to-read digital displays that allow the clinician to monitor your treatment and safety throughout the session. There's also a built-in cooling function to maintain comfortable skin temperature.

Effective - The Exilis device sends a controlled thermal dose of monopolar radio frequency (RF) energy into fatty tissue - those stubborn deposits that you can't seem to get rid of with healthy eating and regular exercise. The RF energy breaks up fat cells, allowing your body to flush them out harmlessly. Since adults don't produce new fat cells, if you add pounds in the future, it won't be in treated areas. As an added bonus, Exilis tightens skin in those regions.

Efficient - A single Exilis treatment takes only about 30 minutes. The exclusive energy flow control system reaches therapeutic temperature quickly while avoiding thermal spikes. Moreover, there is zero downtime. None. Your skin may temporarily look a bit pink after treatment, and we suggest extra hydration, but you may return to normal activities right way. Most patients get the results they want in just four to six sessions.

Discreet - With Exilis, there's no recovery time (so no missed work), no special compression garments to wear for healing, and no scarring. Others won't know you've "had work done." They'll only see a trimmer you, rocking the office, club, or cocktail party.

Get the body that makes you feel like a rock star - without surgery, scars, or downtime. Call Seriously Skin to find out how Exilis body contouring can have you rocking Chagrin Falls.

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