Exilis can help with body reshaping after weight loss for Cleveland area residents

Obesity has been on the rise in America. In fact, nearly one in every three adults is overweight. There has been a huge push in this country to get moving, losing weight, and get healthy. In fact, improving health and wellness is one of the most common reasons people set out to lose weight, often ranking ahead of appearance.

Being fit comes with a lot of perks. People who lead active, healthy lifestyles report having more energy, having better moods, and are often even more motivated in their personal and professional life.

All of this sounds great, but the reality is that weight loss is hard work. You can do everything right: hours put in at the gym, healthy diet, proper water consumption, and are still left with stubborn areas of fat that will not go away. For those that have lost a significant amount of weight, you may be left with areas of sagging or loose skin.

If you have either of these issues, you may think that your only option is plastic surgery. But that's not the case! There is a non-surgical way to help spot treat those stubborn areas and improve body contours.

Exilis is an FDA approved solution for body reshaping and fat reduction. It only takes about four to six sessions spaced a few weeks apart to help your body achieve the look that you have been working toward. Exilis treatments utilize radio frequency to heat the fatty layers of tissue. The fat cells are then flushed naturally through the body in the months following treatment.

The treatment itself takes about thirty minutes per session. Patients will remain comfortable and may notice a warm sensation, like a hot stone massage. After the treatment, there may be some pinkness near the treatment site, but this is temporary. Exilis requires no downtime so you can come in for treatment during your lunch and be back in the office before you know it.

At Seriously Skin, we understand that there are some areas that hard work and diet alone just can't change. To find out more about the Exilis system for body reshaping, call us today to schedule your risk-free consultation.

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