How does Exilis help Cleveland area patients with body contouring?

How does the idea of contouring your stomach, arms, or legs without having to go under the knife sound? If you’ve been working hard to get in shape, but are still struggling with areas of fat that won’t seem to shrink, you may be interested in Exilis. Exilis is a non-surgical way to reduce fat and say goodbye to problem areas for good. It’s time to take those skinny jeans out of the closet and show them off to your family and friends.

Plastic Surgery has long been one of the only ways to really address excess fat on the body and while it can be very successful, that success can come at a hefty price tag. With Exilis treatments, patients can avoid the high costs of surgery and still achieve amazing body contouring results. In addition, Exilis requires no anesthesia, no incisions, and no painful recovery period, making it more accessible to a wide variety of people.

The Exilis system is delivered via a hand-held device that sends monopolar radio frequency to deliver heat to the layers of tissue beneath the skin. The device also stays cool to the touch, helping to keep the surface of the skin at a comfortable temperature. The heat stimulates collagen restructuring and growth, which can help firm up sagging skin and eliminate stubborn fat cells.

Patients can expect to need four to six thirty-minute Exilis sessions spaced several weeks apart for optimum fat reduction and body contouring. Sessions are completed in our office and they require no downtime. You can feel free to go on about your day as normal after treatments.

At Seriously Skin, we know that you’ve put a lot of work into getting the body that you want and that sometimes, hard work alone isn’t enough. With Exilis treatments, you can help spot-treat hard to eliminate fat and finally achieve the look you want. If you are in the Cleveland area, call us today to learn more about Exilis and find out if you are a candidate. You have nothing to lose… except maybe a pants size or two!

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