Akron area residents benefit from the Exilis procedure for fat removal

Up until a few years ago, if you had stubborn abdominal, neck or arm fat, surgery may have been the only option to remove undesirable folds.

Even liposuction is a relatively new procedure. We have the French to thank for liposuction's 1982 arrival. Problem was, not everyone wanted to go under the knife to reduce fat, and not everyone is a good candidate for surgery. Those with restricted blood flow, diabetes, or weakened immune systems could not have the procedure even if they wanted it.

At Seriously Skin, we use controlled heat to deliver radio frequency energy via the Exilis fat removal procedure for Akron area residents.

A proven science, a new technique

Radio frequency (RF) energy has a storied history in medical circles, because it can penetrate the body and be absorbed in deep organs painlessly. As there is minimal heat sensation, you don't have much to recover from. Your fitter-looking body bounces back from treatment quickly.

Due to the unique characteristics of RF, it is rapidly replacing lasers and other treatments that use merely "surface effect" electromagnetic frequencies (where skin feels the heat) in everything from cardiovascular procedures to cancer therapies.

You may be of normal weight with pockets of mild to moderate stubborn fat. You can experience the benefits of RF over surgical and even other nonsurgical interventions.

The beauty of RF

The device distributes heat to remodel the collagen fibers deeper in our skin, responsible for firmness. You only have to wait 7 to 14 days between, generally, two to four treatments.

The safe and comfortable Exilis procedure has been approved by the FDA for aesthetic purposes, and has been known to last at least six months post-treatment.

Unlike liposuction, side effects are generally limited to some pinkness 15 to 30 minutes after the session. Liposuction carries with it the usual host of surgical complications, from contour irregularities and fluid accumulation to infection and numbness.

In addition, if you are between the ages of 25 or even over age 70 and in relatively good health, Exilis can be right for you. In fact, that's why it is so often referred to as an alternative to other procedures that either can't work (for personal preference or medical reasons) or that haven't worked in the past, including lifestyle modifications that haven't shown results.

You can experience Seriously Skin's approach to the Exilis fat removal procedure near Akron by calling 440-499-7145. We're around a 30 mile-drive north in Chagrin Falls.

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