Akron provider discusses whether to choose Exilis or Ultherapy for effective results

Akron residents interested in an effective skin tightening and fat elimination treatment are encouraged to trust the Exilis system. Your provider at Seriously Skin has the training and expertise to help you experience the most desirable results. This device uses radiofrequency that heats the skin layers and stimulates collagen production which tightens the skin. As a side benefit, some patients will notice areas of stubborn fat are shed, as the radio frequency waves warm and destroy fat cells.

Exilis or Ultherapy

Another therapy available in the market that may sound similar at first is Ultherapy. This treatment differs in that it uses ultrasound to achieve its results. This therapy has been approved to lift and tighten in a more limited number of body areas. Some outcomes of the two methods may still be similar, and results with either will vary depending on the individual. Seriously Skin does believe that Exilis offers some additional benefits for their clients, including:
  • Lower cost per treatment
  • Additional treatment applications – reducing fat, as well as tightening
  • Approval for more areas of the body
  • More comfortable procedure – no anesthesia required

Choosing Exilis

Delivering effective results with the greatest of ease is our goal. We have chosen to offer Exilis to make treatments cost efficient and comfortable for our clients. When a client experiences positive changes and saves money as well, then it is definitely a win for both us as the provider and for the client. Exilis offers the ability to diminish fat cells and produce skin tightening. In addition, the long-lasting effects of Exilis can be applied to more areas of the body to enhance body image.

Exploring treatment

Call 440-499-7145 for an appointment with the professionals at Seriously Skin today. We will implement our education and experience to answer any questions you may have about the body contouring and skin tightening process. Allow us to explain how this non-invasive and innovative treatment is able to produce results, yet offers you greater comfort than similar therapies while still saving you money. Visit us in Chagrin Falls, Ohio to experience the difference of Exilis.

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