Cleveland benefits from Exilis, a superior skin tightening option to latest noninvasive treatments

While no one ever wants to see the face sag, it's a good time to pursue a skin tightening procedure, thanks to the magic of medical advances.

Formerly, options to firm your loose neck or sagging cheeks may have been limited to a dramatic and highly invasive procedure such as a facelift. After months of healing time and pain you may end up with scars, injured nerves and loss of skin. Plus, dramatic results don't equal permanent results. You can't stop time and will need another procedure in around five to ten years.

On the other end of the spectrum, options historically may have been limited to less invasive treatments that are generally far less effective such as creams, prescription medications, and chemical peels.

Today an entire category of noninvasive treatments exists, with effectiveness that is based on the knowledge of how fat cells behave. Unlike other types of cells, they respond to stimuli (like hot or cold) to target very specific areas that bother you and pose health concerns.


The basic principles behind this treatment can be traced back to the 1960s, and involve cooling localized areas to remove fat from them, as fat cells are more sensitive to lower temperatures than other types of cells. It typically takes at least two months to notice results. The mechanism behind skin tightening isn't well understood, and treatment areas are limited to big spots, excluding regions such as the inner thigh and neck.


With this treatment, sound waves penetrate skin layers to trigger tightening and fat reduction. Unlike treatments that use cooling to destroy fat cells, the ultrasound option gradually dissolves cells. The "lifting action" of the skin and underlying tissues comes from stimulating the body's collagen response. This process corrects sagging from the chest up – the décolleté, neck, chin, and face.


Exilis uses RF energy to apply controlled heat within targeted areas. Unlike the procedures above, it can be used on loose and saggy areas above and below the chest. Exilis both reduces fat and tightens skin by targeting collagen in underlying tissues. This versatility is particularly useful if you have saggy underarms, which may be more fleshy than fatty. In that case, Exilis can be used to firm and reduce fat. Unlike other procedures, you can notice a difference after one session, though it typically takes around four treatments to get optimal results.

See what we can do for your sagging spots via our approach – the Exilis skin tightening procedure near Cleveland. Call 440-499-7145 to book an appointment with our experienced team at Seriously Skin.

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