What are Exilis treatments and what results can they give Cleveland area patients?

At Seriously Skin, we have committed ourselves to providing patients with the most advanced treatments available today. Our goal is to help all of our patients achieve the appearance and body shape that they desire. Many of our patients come to us after what they feel are "failed attempts" at getting rid of unwanted fat. Often times these patients are discouraged because they have tried really hard to eat right and exercise, but the fat just won't completely go away! The truth is diet and exercise alone is not always a match for stubborn, resistant stores of fat. Patients are left feeling like surgery may be their only option.

When patients come to us looking for a non-invasive way of reducing body fat and tightening skin, we have the perfect solution for them – Exilis. Exilis treatments are FDA-approved and are an effective alternative to plastic surgery.

Exilis is a fat reduction and skin tightening treatment that uses heat, delivered via radio frequency, to target the fat cells and collagen network located beneath the skin. The heat causes these fat cells to shrink and helps boost metabolic activity to naturally flush out the fat. At the same time the heat stimulates growth within the collagen network which can help tighten and tone loose skin.

Exilis treatments can usually be completed in less than thirty minutes per are being treated. They require no anesthesia and no downtime so patients can get on with their day as planned after their session. Plastic surgery requires weeks of sometimes painful recovery. With Exilis, you can still make your afternoon meeting.

Results from Exilis will gradually appear after the first treatment. Most patients require four to six sessions several weeks apart for maximum results.

Exilis can be used on several different areas, including the face, neck, stomach, love handles, arms, knees, hips, and thighs.

Patients who have had Exilis treatments have been amazed by the results and are quick to recommend treatment to all of their friends. Don't become discouraged by hard to eliminate areas of fat.

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