Exilis treatments are excellent for improving skin laxity

You can do everything right. Eat a healthy diet, work out regularly, avoid smoking, limit alcohol consumption, drink plenty of fluids, and yet still end up with sagging skin. This can be troublesome for patients who feel young and vibrant, but don't think their face reflects that. For many, these feelings are just swept under the carpet, unwilling to consider plastic surgery. At Seriously Skin, we offer a non-invasive option for addressing skin laxity and taking years off the appearance of the face.

Before we discuss the treatment, lets first look at what causes skin laxity. As we age, our skin begins to thin and loses its ability to retain moisture and vitamins effectively. There is also a dip in collagen production, which is responsible for keeping the skin tight and firm. In addition, years of sun exposure can also cause a breakdown in collagen production and cause premature wrinkling. All of this combined with gravity causes the skin to have deep lines and wrinkles, along with sagging.

So how do we get rid of those sagging cheeks and neck jowls?

With Exilis!

The Exilis system targets those areas experiencing skin laxity to help tighten skin and allow patients to look younger without having to go under the knife!

Exilis is delivered through a handheld applicator that delivers heat via radio frequency energy to the layers of tissue deep beneath the skin. It stimulates regrowth and building within the collagen network, filling in deep folds in the skin, allowing it to become tighter, firmer, and toned.

Although some patients do notice results from Exilis immediately, the majority experience maximum results after about six sessions spaced a couple of weeks apart. The process for regrowth of collagen can take time as the fibers increase volume in the skin. Exilis is ideal for patients as from 30 and to 75. It can be performed on a variety of areas of the body, including the face.

If you would like to learn more about this non-invasive approach to treating skin laxity, call us today at Seriously Skin and schedule your consultation.

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