Facelift alternative Exilis produces natural, wrinkle-reducing and tightening without surgery for Akron area clients

The fastest-growing cosmetic procedures in the U.S. are all categorized as “minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments.” Minimally-invasive is a distinguishing feature.

As a point of comparison, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports 135,000 facelifts were performed in 2013. During the same time, 6.3 million nonsurgical botulinum toxin type A injections were completed. In all, the top 5 cosmetic surgical procedures accounted for 1.6 million procedures. The top 5 cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures spanned 13.4 million total procedures.

It seems undeniable that Americans are craving nonsurgical options to look better without looking strangely different. For decades, effectively rejuvenating your appearance was associated with one option: going under the knife.

However, a whole host of factors made the lift a less-than-attractive option:
  • Results were dramatic, but unnatural
  • Cutting left scars at the incision sites
  • Risk of more serious complications, such as infections, bleeding, skin sloughing and permanent facial paralysis
  • Lengthy healing times, swelling alone can take six months to go down
  • Even this invasive procedure can’t stop the hands of time; Mayo Clinic reports results usually last five to seven years depending on sun exposure, tobacco use and genetic makeup
Granted, new techniques minimize healing time and avoid that stretched or “windswept” appearance, telltale signs “work has been done.” Despite these advancements, if given the choice it’s human nature to opt for a treatment both effective and producing natural results without the discomfort, time commitment, long healing, risks, and associated expenses.

Furthermore, merely wanting to have a surgical procedure doesn’t mean you are a good candidate for one. Many medical conditions and lifestyle factors, such as yo-yo dieting that loosens surgically tightened skin, may make you a poor candidate for surgery.

Exilis is the effective, safe alternative to the facelift procedure for patients between the ages of 25 to 70-plus. This is an option for a wider circle of people wanting cosmetic improvement, because it isn’t invasive.

Exilis uses proven radio frequency energy to heat the deeper layers of skin in a controlled fashion. The heat applied via a computer-controlled device remodels collagen-supporting tissue. With age, the production of this firming protein slows. This targeted application of heat stimulates and strengthens the collagen network. The result is improved texture, skin density, and smoother and younger-looking skin. Loose skin, sagging cheeks, and creases are among the reasons patients may consider facelifts. With Exilis, you can achieve tighter, wrinkle-free skin without the surgery.

The maker of Exilis, BTL Aesthetics, has an answer to each of the concerns about facelifts listed above:
  • RF energy affects the deeper layers of skin, so results are natural
  • Since skin isn’t pulled back the distortion is avoided
  • No incisions mean no scarring
  • The procedure is generally very well-tolerated, with little to no discomfort
  • Side effects such as pinkness are usually mild and temporary
  • No serious side effects have been reported
  • Sessions require only 20 to 30 minutes, versus the hours required for surgery
  • Recovery is virtually irrelevant as skin is heated for the shortest amount of time to maintain comfort without serious or long-term side effects
While it may seem too good to be true, you can have dramatic, natural results from a facelift without surgery near Akron. Call Seriously Skin at 440-499-7145 to learn more about Exilis and to book an appointment with an experienced dermatological staff.

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