Cleveland area residents can achieve non-surgical facial rejuvenation with Exilis

If you've started to notice prominent lines and wrinkles taking up space on your face, you are currently experiencing a natural phenomenon that can be troubling to many.

Do you know why these lines and wrinkles naturally happen to your skin as you age? The collagen, which helps support the skin and keep it firm, begins to break down. Your skin also loses volume, hydration, and elasticity as well. The impact this has on the appearance can be subtle for some, but others may be more affected by the aging process. Additionally, prolonged sun exposure and smoking can exacerbate the skin's aging.

So, what do you do about these lines and wrinkles? Well, surgical procedures can be used to correct the visible signs of aging; however, we find that many are reluctant to go under the knife. This is why we offer non-surgical treatment for lines and wrinkles. Exilis is a proven system that can tighten skin to minimize the appearance of aging.

How it works:

Exilis is a FDA-approved method that relies on radio frequency. The handheld applicator is used to deliver the radio frequency energy to the targeted area. The thermal energy targets the collagen fibers deep beneath the skin. This promotes growth of new fibers, which can smooth out wrinkles, improve skin tone, and tighten loose or sagging skin.

Is it comfortable?

Yes, while the applicator applies pressure and heats up below the skin, it also delivers a cooling sensation to the surface for maximum comfort. Most patients describe Exilis treatments as similar to hot stone massages. The best part is there is no down time with Exilis. You are free to get on with your day as planned immediately after your session. Side effects are usually minor and may include some redness or swelling near the treatment area, but this will disappear after a few hours.

When can I expect results?

You should expect to notice some changes after your first treatment session. For most patients, four to six sessions spaced two weeks apart will provide the best results.

In addition to tightening the skin on the face, Exilis can also be used on other areas of the body. If you are ready to look young again, call our Cleveland office to learn more about Exilis.

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