Effective fat reduction with Exilis – available in Chagrin Falls

It doesn’t matter if you call it something cute like love handles, back fat, muffin top, spare tire, or thunder thighs. Fat deposits in problem areas that just won’t budge despite healthy eating and regular exercise aren’t humorous. Americans spend about $42 million each year trying to get rid of them with diets, pills, powders, extreme workouts, gadgets, and surgeries. The experienced aesthetics team at Seriously Skin has a better alternative for Chagrin Falls. It is one that is safe, non-invasive, convenient, and cost-effective – Exilis fat reduction.

Exilis puts up-to-the-minute monopolar radio frequency technology to work, to zap fat scientifically and efficiently. Using the exclusive EFC (energy flow control) system, our trained technician massages a hand piece over the treatment area. A controlled dose of radio frequency energy is delivered to a precise depth beneath the skin. That pushes heat to the fat layer, while a built-in cooling device maintains a comfortable temperature on the skin’s surface. A digital display allows the technician to monitor penetration depth and warmth constantly.

The radio frequency energy triggers metabolic activity in the fat, compromising the cell walls. The fat spills out and it is harmlessly eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system over the course of several months. The fat reduction effects are long-term, since treated cells can no longer act as a fat storage site. As an added benefit, the procedure stimulates collagen remodeling, for smoother, tighter skin.

We usually recommend a series of four to six Exilis treatments, spaced about two weeks apart, for optimal fat reduction. Each session takes about a half hour. There’s no pre-treatment protocol, and no recovery time following a treatment. You may return to your normal activities right away, which makes Exilis a more convenient lunchtime fat reduction method than a trip to the gym.

Exilis is cleared by the FDA. The EFC system delivers maximum thermal therapy in the shortest time frame available, for a safe, comfortable experience.

Spot reduction exercises don’t work. Crash dieting doesn’t target problem areas. Liposuction has the risks and recovery time of a surgical procedure. Talk with the aestheticians at Seriously Skin to learn more about Exilis – today’s answer to smooth, sexy body contours.

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