It's a new age in fat reduction in Cleveland

If you eat a sensible diet and get regular physical exercise, you are probably enjoying amazing health benefits. You are less likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer. You sleep better, have more energy, and are happier. Of course, your fit body looks better, too. But what can you do about those last few pounds or inches that refuse to come off? Seriously Skin brings a revolutionary solution called Exilis. It is changing the way men and women in Cleveland and surrounding areas feel about battling the bulge.

BTL Aesthetics puts monopolar radio frequency (RF) technology into a mobile device cleared by the FDA for fat reduction and skin tightening. Most adult patients are good candidates for the procedure, since Exilis is non-invasive and does not involve drugs. There’s none of the risks of surgical liposuction – no injections, anesthetic, incisions, or scars. Plus, there is no recovery time with Exilis. Patients return to their normal routines immediately after a brief (20 to 30 minute) in-office treatment.

A Seriously Skin trained clinician simply guides the Exilis hand piece over problem areas of stubborn fat. The device sends a controlled measure of RF energy deep into adipose tissue. A thermal reaction is triggered by the RF, which destroys fat cells. They are absorbed by the body and harmlessly excreted over the next few weeks. (Drinking plenty of water after a session aids in this natural process.)

An Energy Flow Control system exclusive to Exilis ensures even treatment with digital monitoring of penetration depth and temperature. Comfortable skin temperature is maintained with an integral chilling mechanism. Most patients report a warming sensation, but little or no discomfort. In some cases, treatment results in a bit of skin pinkness but it is mild and disappears quickly.

Four to six Exilis sessions are recommended for optimal fat reduction, usually scheduled two weeks apart. Results last at least six months, and further treatments may be scheduled for additional reduction. Exilis has the added benefit of skin tightening, so your new, slimmer body contours look doubly terrific.

Keep eating a nutritious diet and working out for all the medical and emotional benefits that come with a healthy lifestyle. But let Seriously Skin help you enjoy the face, neck, and body contours you deserve with Exilis. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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