Non-invasive fat reduction techniques in the Akron area

We’re all familiar with the usual ways to target unwanted fat: increase physical activity, eat better, and get more sleep. The truth is, you can be doing it all right and still have problem areas. Love handles, muffin-tops, and the back are common areas where it is difficult to “spot” treat fat. Luckily, for patients in the Akron area, Seriously Skin offers a non-invasive form of fat reduction called Exilis.

Exilis is quickly becoming one of the most sought after techniques for reducing fat, tightening loose skin, and improving contours on the body. This method of treatment involves the use of radio frequency to heat fat cells and shrink them. At the same time, the heat stimulates collagen production, which can tighten loose skin and help improve contours in the treatment area. This effective combination helps improve the shape of the body without having to endure plastic surgery.

One of the biggest advantages of Exilis is its convenience. There is no downtime with Exilis treatments, patients can come in for their session and be back to work or their other engagements immediately afterward. The only post-treatment requirement is to increase water intake and engage in light exercise to maximize results from treatment. There may be some minor redness or inflammation near the treatment area, but this generally goes away quickly.

Depending on the area treated and the amount of unwanted fat, patients may need anywhere from four to six treatment sessions. Some patients will see visible results right away, but most will see them gradually appear over time.

At Seriously Skin, we know there is a high demand for proven fat reduction alternatives to liposuction. Exilis is versatile and can be used on several different areas of the body. The most common treatment areas are the abdomen, thighs, love handles, arms, and back.

Patients interested in Exilis treatments will need to come in for a consultation. During this initial appointment, we will discuss your concerns, evaluate your problem areas, and determine if Exilis is right for you. If the idea of a non-surgical way to reduce fat interests you, call us today to find out more about Exilis treatments from Seriously Skin.

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