Provider answers questions regarding what is the benefit of Exilis for clients in Cleveland desiring weight loss

In and around Cleveland, people interested in improving their appearance are turning to the innovative Exilis process. Some may wonder, since it has been known to melt away fat cells, is Exilis meant to be used for weight loss? The simple answer is, while it can eliminate some stubborn fat cells, it is not intended to be a weight loss product. It is not liposuction and it will not deliver that level of results. This system, however, does not require a surgical procedure, and may be used to enhance the body contours of someone who has achieved weight loss. Following a weight loss program, patients may choose Exilis to stimulate the collagen production in their skin, which will give a tightening and firming effect. If there are a few fatty areas that have been resistant to changes in good health and slimming down, those areas may be positively impacted by the treatment, as well.

While results may be seen quickly, often as soon as the first treatment, more drastic results are usually achieved with multiple treatments scheduled over a period of time. Following each procedure, fat cells which have been destroyed will be eliminated from the body naturally. To aid in this process, it is recommended that patients be well-hydrated each time before undergoing this treatment. Firming of the treated skin areas happens more gradually, as the body boosts its collagen to go to work in these areas. Appointments are quick and require no anesthesia, so clients do not have to schedule any downtime afterwards to enjoy their results.

The Exilis treatment is not intended to replace any surgical procedure, nor will it result in such dramatic effects; but for smaller areas of the body that need mild to moderate tightening and toning, it may be ideal. Areas that may experience beneficial results with treatment include portions of the face, neck, legs, arms, and body trunk. Some men have found it useful in treating undesirable fullness in the breast area, as well. It is clearly a procedure that offers a wide variety of options to help finish off your best look.

In order to determine if this program will meet your image needs, we recommend calling Seriously Skin to schedule a consultation with an Exilis professional. We will help you evaluate the ways in which this safe and effective program may be beneficial, and help you onto the path toward a more confident you.

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