Is Exilis worth the price? Find out at Seriously Skin in Cleveland

Through the normal aging process, you may find yourself with loose, sagging skin, more wrinkles than you care to admit, and a bit more cushioning than you would prefer. You may ask yourself what more you can do to preserve your most naturally youthful appearance.

In times past, solutions to minimize the signs of aging were somewhat limited. Liposuction and cosmetic surgery may still be ideal in some situations. In many cases, however, the desired rejuvenating effect can be achieved without surgery, without anesthesia, and without a lengthy recovery period. Thanks to ever-changing technology, alternatives to surgical lifting, tightening, and fat reducing procedures have been developed. In fact, many of the newest innovations, such as Exilis skin tightening, fat reducing treatment achieve outstanding results.

Seriously Skin has solutions for men and women in and around the Cleveland area who want to feel better about their appearance without invasive, costly procedures.

The power of radio frequency

The FDA-approved Exilis device delivers radio frequency energy to targeted areas beneath the epidermis. As cells are heated by this thermal energy, their contents turn to liquid. The body views these liquefied fat cells as damaged and escorts them away. At the same time, collagen production is increased, leading to a firmer, smoother, and younger-looking appearance. While improvement in the appearance of skin may be immediately noticeable, optimal fat-reduction and skin tightening occur over the course of several treatments. An estimated number of treatments is discussed during your consultation with our experienced Exilis clinician.

By nature, fat reduction and skin tightening with radio frequency energy is extremely comfortable, producing only a warming sensation in dermal tissue. Recovery and accompanying complications that may be associated with surgical body contouring are eliminated and no downtime is required. Still you may wonder, is Exilis worth the price. The answer is yes. The cost-savings of a complete Exilis treatment plan in our Cleveland med spa is substantial compared to cosmetic surgery. A few non-invasive sessions let you enjoy superior results with minimal investment of your time and your money.

To find out how simple and safe Exilis is and how it can best work for you, call Seriously Skin for a private consultation.

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