Chagrin Falls asks, "Is Exilis the cure for loose skin?"

Maybe you are the scientific type and call them rhytides. Or you use the conventional wrinkle, crease, fold, or furrow. Do you favor a more descriptive crumple, droop, bag, or sag? How about some urban slang – turkey neck, bat wing, or danglebeef? Regardless of the words you choose, loose skin is just plain unattractive in any tongue. Fortunately, the aesthetic team at Seriously Skin is changing that for residents of the Chagrin Falls area with Exilis.

What causes loose skin?
  • Dramatic weight loss, such as from bariatric surgery, can leave a drooping middle, upper arms, thighs, or buttocks in its wake.
  • Many moms develop a pregnancy pooch, even after just one delivery.
  • During the natural aging process, your skin produces less of the connective proteins elastin and collagen that keep skin plump and looking youthful.
  • Muscle tone in the face and neck may decrease, allowing gravity to pull excess skin downward.
  • Exposure to sun causes skin all over the body to lose elasticity.
  • Smoking impacts density and suppleness of skin on hands, neck, and face.
How can Exilis help?
  • Monopolar radio frequency (RF) energy penetrates beneath the surface, into deep layers of skin.
  • RF energy creates a thermal reaction, disrupting collagen fibers and stimulating new collagen production.
  • Dermis thickens as the collagen network supporting skin is strengthened.
  • Loose skin become tighter and firmer.
Exilis treatment is administered by trained clinicians on site at Seriously Skin. Each session takes only about a half hour, and skin tightening is usually achieved in four to six appointments spaced two weeks apart.

There is little or no discomfort as the mobile hand piece is passed over problem areas, while the technician carefully monitors penetration depth and surface temperature. Some patients experience a warming or tingling sensation, and a small percentage have temporary pinkness. You are free to return to regular activities following treatment, with no downtime. You’ll notice skin tightening results after the first session, and continued improvement for up to six months.

Yes, Chagrin Falls, there is a cure for loose skin. It’s called Exilis, and it works without the risks of surgery. Call Seriously Skin today to learn more.

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