Exilis is serious non-invasive fat reduction for Chagrin Falls

Obesity is a serious problem in the United States. Nearly 36 percent of adults in this country are obese. However, potentially life-threatening conditions related to excess weight like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and some cancers are preventable. With a doctor's oversight, a sensible weight loss program of healthy eating and regular physical activity can have you on your way to your target weight.

Healthy weight is important to your overall wellness. However, sometimes even an ideal number on the scale doesn't meet your objectives for appearance improvement. Most people are genetically predisposed to obstinate areas of fat that are quite resistant to nutritious diet and exercise. Common problem areas are jowls and neck, upper back, male breasts, abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, and knees.

The aesthetic team at Seriously Skin in Chagrin Falls, Ohio takes your fat reduction goals seriously. While liposuction is effective, we know that it isn't for everyone. Some patients don't want the risks associated with anesthesia and surgery. Some can't take time off work for recovery, and many don't want to take a chance on scars or rippling. We provide a safe FDA cleared alternative – non-invasive fat reduction with Exilis.

Exilis is a chair side device. The clinician massages your problem areas with a handpiece that sends monopolar radio frequency energy deep into adipose (fatty) tissues. This creates a thermal response that dissolves fat cells. They are harmlessly expelled over the course of several months, through the body's natural processes. Since the fat cells are eliminated, the change is permanent. If you gain weight in the future, it will not be in Exilis treated areas.

We recommend a series of four to six Exilis sessions, at least a week apart, for maximum fat reduction. Each treatment takes about a half hour. Since the device includes a cooling mechanism and the technician continually monitors penetration depth and temperature, Exilis is well tolerated. There is absolutely no downtime. We suggest drinking extra water to accelerate the fat elimination process, but you may return to your normal activities immediately.

Exilis is serious non-invasive fat reduction... with an added benefit. Treatment stimulates collagen remodeling, so skin becomes naturally stronger and tighter for super-smooth body contours.

Find out more about Chagrin Falls' secret for sleek bodies. Call Seriously Skin today to schedule your Exilis consultation.

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