People in Cleveland want to know about Exilis non-invasive fat reduction

If you live in or near Cleveland, you’ve probably heard about an amazing new non-invasive technique for fat reduction. It’s not a rumor. It is Exilis, brought to you by the skin care professionals at Seriously Skin in Chagrin Falls, and the results are changing the way patients see their bodies.

Let’s demystify Exilis, by answering a few important questions.

What is it?
Exilis is an FDA-cleared device that utilizes monopolar radio frequency energy to eliminate stubborn fat deposits safely. It is effective in the areas that don’t respond to healthy diet and exercise. A thermal response beneath the skin causes fat cells to release their content, which is then harmlessly flushed from the body through natural processes.

What are treatments like?
You simply relax while a trained clinician treats problem areas with a mobile hand piece. Each session takes about 30 minutes, depending on the treatment area and size. We recommend a total of four to six sessions for optimal fat reduction, spaced about 14 days apart. Many of our patients are so pleased with results that they schedule additional appointments for further fat reduction.

Is it painful?
No. You have a sensation of warmth (some describe it like standing near a heater), but a built-in cooling mechanism maintains comfortable surface temperature. The technician continually monitors temperature and penetration depth with digital displays to ensure your safety.

What is the recovery time?
There is absolutely no downtime with Exilis. You should drink additional water for a day or two to aid in fat melting, but you are free to return to normal activities immediately. There is no recovery period and minimal risk of side effects.

How long does it last?
Fat reduction with Exilis is long lasting. Since the adult body does not produce new fat cells, if you gain weight in the future it will not be in treated areas.

Are results comparable to liposuction?
Exilis works on a completely different principle than liposuction – that’s why there is none of the risks of anesthetic, surgery, or scarring. While a significant amount of fat may be removed with liposuction, Exilis patients see noticeable reduction (an inch or more) in treated areas like abdomen, flanks, back, and thighs. Since Exilis also tightens skin, body contours are smooth, with no risk of rippling.

Who do I call to get started?
Contact Seriously Skin at 440-499-7145 to learn more or to schedule your Exilis consultation.

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