No surgery scars for Chagrin Falls with Exilis non-invasive skin tightening

What’s the number one reason patients consider facelift surgery?
They do it look younger.

What’s the number one reason they don’t follow through with facelift surgery?
They have concerns about recovery time, needles, and the risks of anesthesia, cutting, sutures, and scars.

Seriously Skin brings a new, non-invasive option for skin tightening to residents of the Chagrin Falls area. It’s called Exilis, and the technology behind it is changing the appearances and self-confidence of Ohioans.

Exilis is an FDA-cleared mobile medical device. The clinician guides a handheld unit over areas of the face and body with loose skin. The device sends a controlled flow of monopolar radio frequency energy to the deep layers of skin that produce collagen. The process of collagen remodeling occurs as fibers are thermally disrupted by the energy and stimulated to replication by the body’s natural healing processes. That thickens skin and strengthens its supporting meshwork to effectively tighten and tone.

The process is simple and non-invasive, with none of the risks of surgery. No injections or anesthetic are required. There’s no cutting, suturing, or scarring. Exilis reaches treatment temperature quickly and maintains it throughout the session for fast, convenient care. Each appointment takes only about a half hour. Some patients say they feel warmth or tingling, but Exilis is well tolerated in the hands of a skilled technician.

The unit includes a cooling mechanism to maintain comfortable surface temperature, system intelligence to eliminate peaks of energy, and digital gauges so the technician may constantly monitor temperature and penetration depth. Risk of burns is minimized. Those with sensitive skin may have some pinkness following treatment, but it passes quickly.

There is no recovery period. You simply go back to your normal routine while collagen remodeling takes place over a period of several months. You’ll see noticeable tightening after the first session. It builds through the four to six treatments (scheduled about two weeks apart), and skin continues to improve for up to six months.

The mobility of the Exilis device makes it extremely versatile, safe, and appropriate for all areas of the body and face. There is an added advantage to Exilis. It can also be used to reduce fat. Talk with the professional aestheticians at Seriously Skin to learn how these benefits may be combined for the sleekest, sexiest facial and body contours possible without surgery.

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