Non-surgical, effective, and safe body contouring treatment near Cleveland

If pockets of localized fat don’t budge no matter how well you eat or how furiously you exercise, you’ve come to the right virtual destination.

Seriously Skin has a non-surgical body contouring treatment in the Cleveland area. Exilis is not a weight loss program. More than 33 percent of Americans are overweight. They don’t need an invasive surgical procedure like gastric bypass, nor do they want a surgical body-shaping procedure like liposuction.

Are you an ideal candidate?

The average American woman is around 5 feet 4 inches tall. According to the National Institutes of Health, to be overweight at this height means she is no more than 29 pounds over the “normal weight” range 108 to 145 pounds. “Obese” individuals would be at least 30 pounds over this range calculated using the measure of body fat based on height and weight, or the Body Mass Index.

Those exploring Exilis body contouring may be of normal weight, but hormonal and age-related changes have contributed to areas of fat and loose skin under the chin, in the lower belly and outer thighs, around the waist and outer arms, and at the calves and ankles.

Yet another possibility is you have successfully removed fat with liposuction. You just need a little more tightening to achieve the desired look.

A solution for many situations

Exilis uses proven radio frequency energy, the same type of energy successfully administered for years in medical imaging, cancer treatments, and surgical settings. This energy is applied to the targeted, trouble area with a computer-controlled device. This device alternates between heating and cooling to maintain optimal comfort for the patient. The heat produced during this process affects the fat cells. Exilis, in turn, builds upon the science that distinguishes between how fat cells uniquely respond to outside stimuli, such as intense cold or heat.

Besides destroying fat cells, the heat energy distributed by the applicator in the competent, skilled hands of Seriously Skin staff also disrupts and unravels collagen fibers. This process allows new fibers to be made. More of this firming protein is needed, because collagen production slows as part of natural aging. Smoking, sun exposure and other environmental factors only exacerbate and speed up these aging effects. Firmer, smoother skin is revealed.

Other benefits of this non-surgical approach to body contouring include:
  • Managed, easily modified temperatures prompt underlying skin changes without destroying healthy tissue
  • Since skin is tightened by stimulating collagen production, this treatment can effectively address unique pockets of fat, such as outer arms that may be more loose skin than fat
  • In turn, skin may be tightened first, fat may be eliminated second
  • Unlike other treatments, effects are noticeable after just one session
  • Temporary pinkness is a side effect, otherwise no serious side effects have been reported
In two to four sessions, optimal skin firming and shaping may occur without unwanted and serious risks of complications such as skin infections, kidney and heart problems caused by fluid shifts during liposuction, or permanent spotting and numbness associated with surgical alternatives.

Although Exilis is not as limiting as invasive body shaping treatments, and individuals of varying ages and with a wide array of concerns have benefited from it, the Seriously Skin team will need to evaluate whether this non-surgical treatment for body contouring near Cleveland is the best option for you. Call 440-499-7145 to book an appointment.

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