Did you know you could get a non-surgical facelift in Cleveland?

It's true. If you have grown tired of sagging cheeks, loose jowls and skin around the eyes, it's time you look into Exilis treatments. Exilis has revolutionized cosmetic dermatology by making it possible to achieve real, measurable results without having to undergo plastic surgery. On the face, Exilis is a non-surgical facelift option that can tighten skin and improve elasticity. If you are ready to look younger and feel confident in the appearance of your face in just a few months, you are a great candidate.

Exilis works through the transference of radio frequency to deliver a deep heat to the tissue that lies beneath the skin's surface. During your Exilis treatment, you will encounter a warming sensation that is balanced by the applicator's cool touch on the surface. The doctor will move the applicator back and forth over the desired treatment area for about 20-30 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

The deep thermal energy from Exilis treatments is specifically aimed at the collagen fibers. The goal is to stimulate growth and regeneration for skin that is tighter and firmer. After just a few Exilis treatments, the sagging areas on the face will be tighter and the skin will look fresher and more even-toned.

Exilis is versatile because it can be done on patients of nearly all ages who wish to turn back the hands of time. While many patients see noticeable results after their first session, four to six are recommended to experience maximum and lasting results. Exilis can also be combined with other procedures such as Botox or dermal filler injections to further enhance the appearance.

While rare and mild, some patients may experience slight pinkness or redness, but this will go away not long after the session. With Exilis, there is zero downtime, so you are free to get back to your daily schedule. Patients are encouraged to drink lots of water and exercise lightly the day after treatment for better results.

If you think that a non-surgical facelift option is too good to be true, we're here to show you that it's not. Contact our team today to learn more about Exilis and if it's right for you.

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