Akron Ohio area dermatologist explains non-surgical facial rejuvenation

Our eyes and our face are notorious for telling our life story. Laugh lines tell of years spent smiling and enjoying ourselves. Wrinkles may be a sign of summers spent on the beach with our family. While there may be wonderful stories that come with the passing of time, we can cherish the memories without having our face appear markedly aged. Exilis gives patients the ability to look younger, vital, and healthy. It is FDA-approved and clinically proven to tighten skin and rejuvenate the face without having to undergo surgery.

The Exilis system uses precise control to deliver deep thermal energy to the tissue beneath the skin, while also cooling the surface of the skin. The heat stimulates collagen structures to tighten skin immediately, while also encouraging future collagen growth. Exilis can also be used for fat reduction in hard to eliminate locations.

For full facial rejuvenation, many patients opt for Exilis treatments on the face. It is most commonly used to:
  • Tighten sagging jowls
  • Recontour the jaw line
  • Soften lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten and smooth out skin on the neck
  • Reduce sagging skin underneath the chin
  • Tighten the skin above the eyes
  • Reduce hooding or under-eye bags
In just a few sessions, each can be completed in under an hour; patients can enjoy a more refreshed, youthful appearance. Exilis sessions are used by many as a viable and long lasting alternative to face or eye lifts. Exilis requires no anesthesia, no cutting, and no downtime. After their sessions, patients are left with tighter and smoother skin that makes them look years younger.

In addition to facial rejuvenation, Exilis can be used on other areas of the body such as the abdomen, back, thighs, or love handles.

Are you ready to look into the mirror and see a reflection that looks as young as you feel? If so, it may be time to give Exilis facial and body rejuvenation a try. If you are in the Akron area, call Seriously Skin today for your risk free consultation. Patients usually require 4-6 Exilis sessions spaced apart every few weeks for maximum results.

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