Cleveland area patients learn about the risks of Exilis treatment

Through years of innovation in medical technology, we have gained numerous methods of achieving younger looking skin. Investigating the advantages, disadvantages, and risks of various cosmetic treatments is essential to a positive experience. At Seriously Skin, you can find an excellent solution to sagging skin and unwanted fat in the Exilis treatment, which we have thoroughly evaluated for use in our Cleveland med spa.

Results you love without the risks of invasive procedures

Exilis bypasses many of the risks that you would normally find in seeking help with these body issues. The most obvious benefit is that the treatment is noninvasive and therefore requires no incisions or lengthy recovery. Non-invasive skin tightening and body contouring also lacks the potential for complications that accompanies surgical procedures. Due to the gentle nature of radio frequency energy, pain is not an issue with Exilis treatment, so no anesthesia is required. This treatment has even been found more comfortable than other non-invasive fat reduction procedures. Additionally, patients report feeling more than satisfied with the results they notice after their treatment sessions.

Maximizing safety

There are a few specific instances where Exilis may not be appropriate for a person at a given time. Pregnant or breastfeeding clients will need to postpone this effective treatment. Also, we can reach the highest level of care when we are made aware of chronic or severe medication conditions, recent skin treatments, or any metal located within the body.

Maximizing results

To maximize the benefits of your Exilis fat reduction treatment, it is recommended that you concentrate on hydration before and after your visit to our comfortable med spa. Continued hydration and the performance of mild exercise such as walking will aid in the process of fat elimination over the course of several weeks.

While most patients experience noticeable changes in their skin after their very first treatment, It is important to complete the recommended series in order to achieve the outcome you most desire. Through this comfortable treatment, little to no noticeable side effects occur. Energy passes through the epidermis, leaving surface cells intact while targeting tissue in the dermis. Though a minimal amount of warming will be noticed, we protect and soothe the skin with a built-in cooling feature on our Exilis handpiece. Possible mild redness or site swelling for a very brief amount of time presents no limitations in getting you back to your regular schedule right away, while looking and feeling great.

If you are in the Cleveland area, contact Seriously Skin to schedule your first Exilis Treatment today. With our experienced, friendly staff, you will be well on your way to looking and feeling great!

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