Treatment for Akron area harnesses various types of energy to deliver safe, effective firming action

Chances are, when you hear the word, “radiofrequency,” everyday items come to mind - wireless devices and microwaves.

But RF energy’s application in medicine is also firmly established, with a history dating back more than 85 years.

RF science as therapy

RF energy was first used in surgery to cut tissue and for clotting. Through the years, RF ablation has been used to heat and destroy cancer cells, such as to treat early-stage lung cancer. Radiofrequency energy is also a diagnostic ally for medical staff, as MRIs use RF waves to produce images of the human body.

Unlike ablative therapies that damage the skin, (ablation itself refers to the actual removal of a harmful organ or substance); cosmetic treatments using radio frequencies are “non-ablative,” so they don’t destroy any tissues. You certainly don’t have to remove skin to start anew; in fact, one of the latest RF skin firming treatments offered by Seriously Skin, Exilis, works by disrupting collagen fibers in the lower layer of skin.

These collagen fibers behave as “scaffolding” to support the upper layers of skin. With time, we lose collagen bundles and elastin, a fiber that gives skin its flexibility and is frequently mentioned alongside collagen. Lifestyle choices, such as unprotected sun exposure and smoking, can speed up this aging process, resulting in prematurely saggy skin or worsening the effects of age, such as looseness around the jawlines (jowls).

How we use RF energy to firm skin

Our team at Seriously Skin delivers controlled heating and cooling using an applicator that modifies the temperature on your skin. Cooling allows for comfort and treatment, from deep tissue up to the surface layer or epidermis.

Thanks to such managed, easily modified temperatures, changes can occur underneath and on the surface, without actually destroying the any skin. The heat-derived energy distributed via the applicator disrupts and unravels those collagen fibers, allowing new fibers to be made. As healing occurs, firmer and smoother skin is revealed.

While the procedure does positively affect the layers of skin we can’t see – frequently for six months or more – the FDA-approved Exilis has no significant side effects. Pinkness disappears typically within 30 minutes after each treatment, with the recommended treatment plan spanning two to four sessions.

Know your options

There are non-ablative laser treatments that use light energy instead of RF energy to destroy underlying skin layers, stimulating the production of new collagen fibers. Other ablative treatments, such as the Micro Laser Peel by Sciton, ablate or remove the epidermis or top layer of skin, while also going to work to heat the dermis underneath – shrinking collagen fibers and revealing tighter, smoother skin as the treated area heals.

Still other options offered by Seriously Skin for skin firming treatment near Akron include chemical peels, injectable dermal fillers, dermabrasion and a pharmaceutical regimen. We can help you determine if Exilis, other treatments, or a combination thereof, are right for your lifestyle, skin type and condition, and goals.

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