Residents of the Chagrin Falls area look younger with Exilis skin tightening

Youthful skin is plump with hydration and smoothly supported by a meshwork of collagen proteins beneath the surface. Over time, the normal process of aging causes your skin to thin and lose elasticity. You also produce less collagen. That combination allows skin to sag and emphasizes wrinkles. Lifestyle habits such as UV exposure and smoking accelerate these signs of aging.

Historically, your non-surgical options to restore firmness to skin were limited to topical creams and serums, nutritional supplements, and facial exercises. If implemented early and continued regularly, these methods do promote healthy skin. Eventually, however, additional lift is needed to maintain a resilient, youthful complexion. For many men and women, that means surgery. A surgical face-lift or neck lift removes excess skin and tightens muscles and other tissues beneath the skin. The procedure carries the usual risks of anesthesia and surgery, and requires a significant recovery period.

The aesthetic team at Seriously Skin offers residents of Chagrin Falls a safe, non-invasive option for skin tightening. The Exilis rejuvenation method uses monopolar radio frequency (RF) to penetrate into the lower layers of skin where collagen production takes place. The RF energy creates deep warmth causing collagen to contract, while the device simultaneously cools the surface of the skin. As the controlled effects of the deep heat application heal, further skin tightening takes place, reducing laxity. Usually four to six treatments (about two weeks apart, and each lasting only about 30 minutes) is all that’s needed for visible improvement in sags and wrinkles.

Because the unique hand piece allows our trained technician to accurately measure penetration and it constantly monitors skin temperature, facial rejuvenation with Exilis is precise and well tolerated. There is no downtime following a session – you may return to work or other routine activities right away. Your skin may be a bit pink in the treatment area, but this subsides within about 15 minutes.

Exilis is an ideal interim treatment for patients who need more than a topical cream but who are not ready for the permanence of a surgical facelift. The Exilis device is FDA cleared, and appropriate for skin tightening on the neck, chin, and jowls, and addressing lines around the eyes.

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