Benefits of Exilis non-surgical skin tightening procedures in Cleveland

When is tighter better? Jeans that are too tight for your figure are not flattering. A tight budget might be character building, but one with a little wiggle room is more fun. A soft hairstyle is usually more attractive than a tight ponytail. However, when it comes to maintaining a youthful complexion, firm skin is definitely better than loose folds and drapes. Area women and men are discovering Exilis, one of the most innovative skin tightening procedures available in and around Cleveland.

The visible layer of your skin is shored up by a structural network of collagen protein fibers. That mesh forms a strong foundation for smooth skin. As you age, your body produces less collagen, so skin’s underpinnings get weaker. At the same time, your skin is getting thinner and drier. The combination results in signs of facial aging – fine lines, wrinkles, and drooping skin, around the eyes and at the chin, jowls, and neck.

A healthy lifestyle and high-quality topical creams and serums keeps skin smooth for a while. Eventually a more robust solution is required. If you’ve reached that point, but aren’t ready for the risks, recovery time, or permanency of a surgical facelift, Exilis could be right for you.

Exilis is cleared by the FDA as safe and effective for skin tightening. It is non-surgical, and requires no preparation or downtime following treatment. The device sends monopolar radio frequency energy into deep layers of skin to stimulate collagen remodeling. Your surface complexion is undisturbed, but over the next few weeks, skin becomes thicker and firmer. Tighter skin reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sags, and looks naturally more youthful.

Treatment is convenient and very tolerable. The trained clinicians at Seriously Skin recommend a series of four to six appointments, 14 days apart. Each session takes only about 30 minutes. You relax while a technician glides a mobile hand piece over your face and neck. You feel warmth, but comfortable surface temperature is maintained with a built-in cooling mechanism.

Your complexion might look a little pink after treatment, but that disappears quickly, and there’s no recovery period. Exilis is a “lunchtime treatment” that allows you to return to your regular schedule without disruption.

Results are long lasting, and many of our patients are so thrilled with their smoother, younger-looking faces that they schedule additional Exilis skin tightening procedures. Call Seriously Skin today at 440-499-7145 to find out more about Cleveland’s secret to youthful faces.

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