Skin tightening treatments with Exilis near Cleveland

If you are suffering from sagging skin and are looking for an effective, non-surgical way to correct it, you may be a candidate for Exilis skin tightening treatments. Exilis can help patients take years off their appearance in just a few quick treatment sessions. If you are looking for firmer skin and a more refreshed appearance, the team at Seriously Skin near Cleveland is here to help.

Exilis is an FDA-approved system that can help improve skin. The treatment utilizes radio frequency that sends heat deep into the layers of tissue beneath the skin. At the same time, the handheld applicator produces a cooling sensation on the surface of the skin to keep patients comfortable during their session. Exilis is highly customizable, so the temperature can be continually controlled during each treatment.

The layers of tissue absorb the heat, stimulating repair and regrowth in the collagen structure. Once the collagen structure begins to rebuild, wrinkles start to smooth out, the skin becomes tighter, and the texture evens out. On the face, Exilis treatments can help reduce sagging jowls, eliminate the appearance of wrinkles, and improve elasticity in the cheeks and the neck. Exilis can also help tighten skin on the arms, stomach, thighs, back, and knees.

Exilis is non-surgical and requires no downtime. Unlike plastic surgery procedures such as face-lifts, patients will not have to deal with anesthesia, incisions, or painful recovery. Sessions are generally 20-30 minutes and patients are free to resume their normal activities immediately following.

Side effects from Exilis are minimal and mild. Some patients may notice a pinkness or redness around the targeted area, but this will disappear within about an hour. It is recommended that all patients increase water consumption and engage in light physical activity to maximize results. Exilis treatment plans usually include four to six sessions spaced one to two weeks apart. While some may notice an immediate change in appearance, most patients require several sessions to see desired results.

If you are in the Cleveland area and you are ready to start seeing a younger looking reflection in the mirror, call Seriously Skin today.

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