Cleveland patients ask, "How can Exilis thermal treatments restore youthfulness to their appearance?"

At Seriously Skin, we see many patients who desire a more youthful and vibrant appearance. Many patients report that they feel young on the inside, but that the signs of aging are transforming the reflection they see in the mirror. Being unhappy with one's appearance can affect self-confidence and self-esteem, leaving patients missing great opportunities.

In the past, expensive surgical options like facelifts were one of the only ways to address natural signs of aging like loose and sagging skin. Now patients can experience skin tightening through Exilis thermal treatments.

As we age, our bodies experience a loss in collagen production. This causes the skin to appear lax and sag and often appears on very visible areas like the neck and jowls. Exilis is an FDA-approved treatment that works to tighten these areas of skin using monopolar radio frequency. Ms. Weisberg will use the Exilis applicator to deliver a thermal heat deep into the skin. The heat helps increase collagen production. The applicator also simultaneously produces a cooling sensation on the surface of the skin to ensure patient comfort during the procedure. When treatments are performed several times over a series of weeks, patients will begin to notice tighter skin and a more youthful appearance.

Exilis is effective at improving the definition of jaw lines and areas of the neck and can help tighten skin that is loose because of weight loss. Patients will notice skin that is firmer and free of wrinkles.

Exilis treatments can be completed in less than thirty minutes. Four to six sessions spaced two weeks apart are recommended for maximum results. Side effects are generally mild and may include some pinkness or redness around the treatment area. Patients are able to resume normal daily activities immediately after their sessions.

Gone are the days when invasive surgeries were the only way to restore youthfulness to your appearance. At Seriously Skin, we offer several non-surgical options for patients to rejuvenate their face and skin. If you are in the Cleveland area, call our office today to learn more about Exilis and how you can take back your youth.

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