Provider discusses whether a tummy tuck vs. Exilis is a more desirable option for clients in Akron

A tummy tuck is a procedure that many women believe they would like to have, or even need to have, to feel better about their body image. Once the surgery is investigated though, this option may be less appealing due to constraints such as recovery time and cost. It is also a myth that surgery is required to achieve satisfactory results. Some women have plenty of elasticity to their skin despite visible effects from childbirth or weight gain and loss. Residents in and around Akron are encouraged to call Seriously Skin to discuss the pros and cons of a tummy tuck versus Exilis.

Tummy tuck vs. Exilis

The Exilis treatment is not intended to be as extreme as a tummy tuck, and patients will not experience the negative impacts from a surgical procedure. Women often judge their bodies more severely than they should and Exilis may deliver benefits that they would not have imagined possible without surgery. For someone that has areas that need some attention, we recommend a consultation with a professional at Seriously Skin to determine if Exilis might be an appropriate solution. In addition to stimulating the collagen resources of the skin to tighten and firm, a positive side effect is that some underlying stubborn pockets of fat may be destroyed and eliminated in the process, as well. It is a good idea to take pictures before beginning treatments, as patients often forget how they looked when they started their transformation. Often comparing before and after photos will confirm the positive impacts made over a period of time to treatment areas.

The results of Exilis

Overall, Exilis provides satisfactory results for many patients. Women are not the only ones who may benefit from it either. Weight gain and loss and aging are events that impact everyone. If you are a male with some areas that could use some tightening or slimming, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us, as well. You may find that results are delivered quicker than you thought. Each treatment is easy, and no anesthesia or downtime is required. Call Seriously Skin today and reshape your image without slowing down life to do it.

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