Exilis simplifies wrinkle reduction for Chagrin Falls

It's simple really. Some things look good with an interesting, irregular texture - green rolling hills, a Shar Pei's adorable face, or a gorgeous burnout velvet fabric. Yet other views are better smooth - a pristine, white sand beach; a stallion's flawless, satin coat; and crisp, cotton sheets.

Wrinkles are admired in some cultures as a sign of wisdom, but in America, we like firm skin and even facial contours. That look comes from youthful volume in the form of fat, muscle tone, and bone structure. It's covered with taut skin, plumped with hydration and supported by a network of protein fibers. Unfortunately, over time your face loses volume, contributing to sagging skin. Your body also produces less collagen and elastin, the proteins that provide structure and resilience.

A surgical facelift resolves wrinkles only because excess skin is removed and underlying muscles are stretched. The face and neck are artificially pulled tight, but no volume is replaced and there is no change to the structure of aging skin. A facelift carries the usual risks of anesthesia and surgery, and there are potential complications such as scarring and infection. Most patients aren't comfortable going out in public for several weeks after the procedure.

Exilis is entirely different. The aesthetic team at Seriously Skin is here to help residents of the Chagrin Falls area understand the wrinkle reduction science behind Exilis.

Collagen fibers have a triple helix structure. The FDA-cleared Exilis device delivers a controlled dose of monopolar radio frequency energy to deep dermal layers. The warmth created by that energy disrupts the collagen structure. That triggers fibroblasts to produce new collagen. This process of collagen remodeling tightens skin and reduces wrinkles naturally.

The procedure is brief and painless. The clinician simply moves a handheld device over the problem area. A built-in cooling device maintains comfortable surface temperature and digital displays monitor penetration depth and temperature for maximum safety. There is no downtime - you may have a bit of temporary pinkness but are free to return to regular activities right away. You'll see improvement after the first treatment and noticeable change after four to six sessions.

The technology is complex, but the results are simply fabulous - with no injections, anesthetic, cutting, or scars involved! Call Seriously Skin today to learn more about how you can look younger naturally, with Exilis.

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